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Wonkang to Supply Products to Saudi Neom City's 'Oxsagon' Site

Wonkang Co., Ltd., a producer specializing in parts and consumables for civil and mining equipment, announced on the 28th that it held a meeting with Saudi Akirodon Construction Company, which received an original order for the Oxagon Terminal Package 2, a key project of Saudi Arabia's Neom City project.

The meeting was held in Duba, Saudi Arabia, in March 2024. Wonkang Co., Ltd. and Saudi Akirodon discussed various cooperation measures regarding the supply of equipment parts and consumables to be used in the Oxagon project.

Wonkang Co., Ltd. has already started shipping products to Saudi Arabia for use at the Oxagon project site in February. Through this meeting, we will discuss products suitable for the Oxagon site layer and strengthen cooperation with Saudi Akirodon.

Building a high-tech industrial logistics complex floating in the sea, Oxagon is a project to expand the Saudi Arabian port of Duba and is strategically located along the Red Sea coast. The port is expected to serve as a new, state-of-the-art global port as it is adjacent to the Suez Canal, through which 13% of global trade passes.

The NeomCity project is a large-scale infrastructure development project for the future of Saudi Arabia, and the Oxagon Terminal Package 2 site is one of its core projects. Through this cooperation, Wondang expects to contribute to the future of Saudi Arabia and create new opportunities for sustainable growth by participating in the NeomCity project.

Meanwhile, WONKANG ROADBIT is a company that celebrates its 51st anniversary as of 2024, and was founded in 1973 by its founder, Kang Nak-joon. In order to strengthen its competitiveness in the global market, it established WONKANG Co., Ltd. in 2021 with the purpose of production and export with the quality and standards of global products, and CEO Kang Tae-young, who has been in charge of sales and marketing with overseas companies for decades, was appointed.

It is currently active in the global market by exporting to 17 countries, including Germany, Turkey, and Israel. It plays a major role in the global basic construction equipment parts field and mainly supplies parts for underground continuous wall equipment such as BC32, BC35, and BC40, and products such as BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearbox, mud pumps, and cutting wheels.

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