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Wonkang Co., Ltd. conducts love baking service for the vulnerable

Participating in baking service, a volunteer activity in the region, to help the vulnerable and needy neighbors

Employees of Wonkang are volunteering for baking. Photo courtesy = Wonkang Co., Ltd

[BeyondPost, Reporter Lee Soon-gon] Wonkang Corporation, a specialist in materials, parts, and equipment, announced that its employees conducted a bread baking volunteer service for vulnerable groups.

This volunteer activity, held on the 27th at the Bread Sharing Center on the 3rd floor of the Seobu Volunteer Center, was organized to assist vulnerable groups such as underprivileged children and difficult neighbors in the local community. Under the cooperation with the Korean Red Cross Seobu Volunteer Center, employees of Wonkang Corporation participated in the bread baking volunteer service in the community.

This volunteer activity marks the second participation of Wonkang Corporation, where employees passionately participated by baking bread, packing, and delivering them to the needy in the community, just like before.

Through this participation, Wonkang Corporation demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility along with the development of the local community. Expressing deep gratitude for the volunteer spirit and dedication of the employees, the company promised to continue striving to create a better society through ongoing social contribution activities.

Through this, they aim to practice communication and sharing with the local community and contribute to improving the quality of life for vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, Wonkang (WONKANG ROADBIT) was founded by Chairman Kang Nak-jun in 1973, and Wonkang Corporation was established in 2021 to enhance competitiveness in the global market by producing and exporting quality and standardized global products. To achieve this goal, Kang Tae-young was appointed as the CEO, who has been responsible for sales and marketing with overseas companies for decades.

Wonkang has been supplying various products worldwide based on steady efforts and technological capabilities and has played a significant role in the global foundation construction equipment parts field. They mainly supply parts for underground continuous wall equipment such as BC32, BC35, BC40, BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearboxes, mud pumps, cutting wheels, etc., and provide excellent service to customers through cooperation with sister companies Wonkang Tungsten and Yujin Construction Machinery.


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