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Wonkang Co., Ltd. Selected as 'Bright Club', Busan's leading technology start-up company

Chairman Kang Nak-joon of WONKANG Co., Ltd

On the 24th, Kang Taeyoung, CEO of Wonkang Co., Ltd., announced that he was selected as a representative technology startup company in Busan, called "Bright Club," at the 'Busan Representative Technology Startup Company Certification Ceremony' and received a certificate.

Wonkang is a specialized manufacturer of equipment parts and consumables for civil engineering and mining, leading the global market. Currently, it exports products to 17 countries including Germany, Turkey, and Israel, gaining high recognition in the global market. Particularly, it is actively exporting equipment parts and consumables to be used in the Neom City project's key business, the Octagon Terminal Package 2 site, in Saudi Arabia.

In April 2024, at Intermat, the world's largest industrial machinery and equipment exhibition held in Paris, France, Wonkang showcased its products such as BC32, BC35, BC40 equipment parts for its underground continuous wall equipment, BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearboxes, mud pumps, cutting wheels, etc. Based on this, it plans to further strengthen its competitiveness in the fiercely competitive global market including Germany, Italy, and the Middle East.

A Wonkang official stated, "As Bright Club, a company with excellent technological capabilities, we will contribute to activating the technology startup ecosystem in the Busan area, contributing to regional economic development, and growing into a company that is even more recognized in the global market."

Meanwhile, Wonkang Roadbit was founded by Chairman Kang Nakjoon in 1973. In order to enhance its competitiveness in the global market, Wonkang Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 with the aim of producing and exporting global products with quality and standards. Kang Taeyoung, CEO, who has been in charge of sales and marketing with overseas companies for decades, took office as the representative director of Wonkang Co., Ltd., strengthening its competitiveness in the global market.

Through collaboration with sister companies Wonkang Roadbit and Yujin Erection Development Industry Co., Ltd., Wonkang provides excellent services to customers and plans to grow into a more competitive company in the global market through continuous technological development and innovation.

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