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Wonkang strengthens quality and safety by obtaining 'ISO 45001' and 'ISO 14001' certification

Offered to a secure product customer... Expectation of securing trust

Wonkang Co., Ltd. has recently announced that it has obtained the 'ISO 45001' and 'ISO 14001' certifications, thereby enhancing the quality and safety of its product production and management.

'ISO 45001' is an international standard for health and safety management. Wonkang is actively focused on reducing risks in the work environment and ensuring the safety of its employees. As a result, the company is solidifying a corporate culture that prioritizes safety and health, ultimately leading to improved productivity.

'ISO 14001' is an international standard aimed at strengthening environmental management systems. Wonkang is embracing eco-friendly production and manufacturing methods, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility and environmental awareness.

CEO Kang Tae-young remarked, "The acquisition of ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications is the outcome of our ongoing dedication." He further emphasized, "We pledge to place workers and the environment as top priorities, promising continuous enhancements for a better future."

Through these certifications, Wonkang is anticipated to build trust by delivering safe products to its customers. Furthermore, the company's efforts to adhere to international standards are expected to elevate its reputation and reliability within both domestic and international markets.

Looking forward, Wonkang is planning to persist in its endeavors to improve quality and safety management while advancing environmental protection and sustainable business practices.

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