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WONKANG ROADBIT enters the European market in earnest

Participate in the construction machinery exhibition, Bauma 2022

WONKANG ROADBIT (CEO Jeong Ho-nam), a manufacturing company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment, will participate in the German construction machinery fair to accelerate its efforts to target the European market, which is the main market for construction equipment.

WONKANG ROADBIT will participate in Bauma 2022, a construction machinery exhibition in Munich, Germany, from October 24 to 30, and run a booth under the theme of "All That Diagram Wall Equipment Parts."

WONKANG ROADBIT will showcase SB Cutter Teeth, Gearbox BCF9/BCF10, STD Cutting Wheel & RSC Cutting Wheel, Mudpump, etc. at the exhibition.

It will also unveil a dedicated holder that can use SB Cutter Teeth in Casagranda equipment.

This will attract attention by enabling operation of various SB cutterteeth manufactured by WONKANG ROADBIT to Casagranda equipment that is widely used in Europe.

The Bauma exhibition is the 33rd best trade fair in the world to be held for construction machinery, construction materials machinery, mining machinery and construction equipment.

The world's top three construction machinery fairs are Bauma in Germany, CONEXPO-CON/AGG in the United States, and INTERMAT in France. The Bauma exhibition, which is held every three years and encompasses new products and the latest technologies related to innovative construction around the world, is overwhelming in size and evaluation.

A WONKANG ROADBIT official said, "WONKANG ROADBIT will strengthen its targeting of the European market by participating in the Bauma exhibition. WONKANG ROADBIT established WONKANG Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Tae-young) to expand its scope of advanced and emerging markets such as the Middle East and Europe. "We have established and operated Total Foundation R&D Center Research Institute in Seoul and continue to develop equipment and parts used overseas with excellent domestic technology to accelerate exports."

Meanwhile, WONKANG ROADBIT started as a Busan branch of Korea Joong-seok founded by founder Kang Nak-joon in the early 1970s and grew into a component and equipment manufacturer of construction civil engineering equipment in the 1980s through mold technology development and material localization.

Source: Lee Kyung-ok, a reporter for the National Land Daily (


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