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Wonkang obtains venture certification leading manufacturing industry innovation.

Recognized for outstanding technological innovation and business growth potential.

Wonkang recently obtained venture certification for its innovative growth model. The company announced that it has been recognized by a venture enterprise verification agency for its outstanding technological innovation and business growth potential.

Wonkang specializes in manufacturing components for BC32, BC35, and BC40 equipment, supplying a wide range of products, including BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearboxes, mud pumps, cutting wheels, and more. The company has played a pivotal role in the global foundation construction equipment component sector, carrying on the legacy of its sister company, Wonkang Tungsten.

Both Wonkang and Wonkang Tungsten are specialized in underground continuous wall operation equipment and components, with their product performance validated in over 450 sites worldwide. They are actively expanding into markets in 15 different countries.

Wonkang holds ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 certifications, and CE certification, adhering to rigorous quality and safety standards. Its sister company, Wonkang Tungsten, is also gaining recognition as an export-oriented enterprise among small and medium-sized businesses in Busan.

Kang Tae-young, the CEO, stated, 'The reason we received venture certification is because our passion and dedication to innovation, quality, and safety have been acknowledged. Building on these achievements, we will strive for even higher excellence in the manufacturing industry in the future.'"

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