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Wonkang Launches New Product for Various Pickcutters

Restructuring the Construction Equipment Market

◇ New pick cutter used in excavation equipment of Wonkang Co., Ltd. Provided by = Wonkang Co., Ltd.

Wonkang Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Tae-young), a basic construction equipment parts and consumables manufacturer, will launch a new pick cutter used in excavation equipment and further strengthen its competitiveness in the basic construction equipment parts and consumables market.

The pick cutter, which was introduced this time, is also well known by the nicknames "Pointbit," "Round Shank Chisel" or "Gunalbit," and is a key component of excavation equipment used to effectively excavate high-compression rocks.

New products have introduced plasma fusion, a general incubation welding method and a cemented carbide coating method, to enhance durability. These technological innovations are expected to contribute to increasing the lifespan of the product and maximizing the efficiency of excavation work.

Kang Tae-young, CEO of Wonkang, said, "The launch of this new product is the result of Wonkang's customer-centered product development philosophy," adding, "We will continue to introduce products that meet the needs of customers."

WONKANG ROADBIT Co., Ltd. expects to have a stronger competitive edge in the construction equipment parts and consumables market through the launch of this new product.

Meanwhile, WONKANG ROADBIT Co., Ltd. is introducing new technologies to the global market by participating in the Wonkang Landscape, Eugene Direction Development Industry, and aims to become a world-class small and medium-sized company in the manufacturing of basic construction equipment and consumables. The company's goal is to become the world's top three companies in consumables such as Gear box (BCF9, BCF10), suction pump, and cutter wheel, which are major components of underground continuous wall excavation equipment (BC32, BC35, BC40).

Source: Kukkuk Ilbo ( )


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