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WONKANG Launches New Pickcutter for Roadheader

ㅣ Presented as a replacement from Europe and China

CEO of Wonkang Kang Tae-young is introducing the developed pickcutter. Courtesy = Wonkang Co., Ltd.

[Hukguk Ilbo Reporter Lee Kyung-ok] Wonkang (CEO Kang Tae-young) has further improved and developed a new pick cutter product for road headers.

It was produced for the first time in Korea by applying a new laser hard-pacing and pickcutter design that is superior to the existing pickcutter.

In the existing road header equipment, when excavating rocks larger than 100 MPa, excessive picket wear and tear due to hard rocks takes longer than expected, and at the same time, the cost is increasing significantly.

Wonkang Co., Ltd. can provide excellent performance, cost reduction, and optimal delivery date that users want through localization of products imported from Europe and China.

Patent applications for the product are underway, and through this, it plans to secure a technical advantage and provide more trusted products to customers.

In the second half of the year, the company will introduce a new line production system based on the conveyor belt method in Korea, which will also show great improvement in productivity.

Wonkang is a family company of the Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) and was also selected as a demand company for the development of picket localization technology used in roadheads, which are equipment for tunnel excavation that can excavate rocks with a maximum compressive strength of 100 Mpa, which is a structural and ground field, in the 2023 demand-based technology commercialization support project for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Located in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Wonkang's Total Foundation R&D Center has been conducting continuous research to provide the best quality by comparing various products from around the world. In addition to this new product, the company will continue to introduce new products sequentially in June and July

WONKANG ROADBIT acquired four patents and one trademark right to enhance its competitiveness in the global market. It has ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certification as well as corporate-affiliated laboratory certification, and has been selected as a Bright Club to strengthen its entry into the international market.

Venture certification has been obtained for innovative growth, and based on this, it is continuing to grow steadily based on innovative technology and excellent quality. Currently, it exports products to 18 countries and has a quality management system that meets international standards.

Wonkang is a company that specializes in producing parts for BC32, BC35, and BC40 equipment, and specializes in supplying various products such as BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearbox, mud pumps, and cutting wheels.

It provides excellent services to customers through cooperation with sister companies Wonkang Tungsten and Yujin Construction Machinery, and plans to grow into a competitive company in the global market through continuous technology development and innovation.

Source: National Territory Daily ( )


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