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Won-Kang Begins to Target North American Market

Construction machinery fair 'CONEXPO' is scheduled to participate next year

Wongang (CEO Kang Tae-young), a company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment, is targeting the North American market.

The company said it will participate in the CONEXPO, which will be held in Las Vegas from March 14th to 18th next year.

It will introduce SB Cutter Teeth, Gearbox BCF9/BCF10, STD Cutting Wheel & RSC Cutting Wheel, and Mudpump.

CONEXPO is an exhibition visited by end users from North America and Latin America. Companies representing businesses such as asphalt, aggregate, concrete, ground, transport, lifting, trucking, and underground construction will participate.

CONEXPO is considered a big advantage of fast on-site contracts with local buyers. Most of the ongoing contracts or new contract negotiation schedules with customers are discussed before the event and are carried out at hotels near the venue during the event.

CEO Kang Tae-young said, "CONEXPO is a place where you can see construction equipment technology and market trends not only in North America but also around the world at a glance. Through the fair, we will introduce new technologies to the global market, communicate with customers and industries, and actively expand the market, he said. "We are actively exploring overseas markets with a goal of $3 million in exports next year."

Source: Lee Kyung-ok, a reporter for the National Land Daily (


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