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Wonkang Strengthens Collaboration with Indian Construction Companies

Roadshow completion…a variety of consultations

From left to right in the photo: Wonkang Heo Yeop, Yujin Construction Machinery Lee Youngjong, and Wonkang Representative Kang Taeyoung. Provided by Wonkang Co., Ltd.

Wonkang, Inc. said it successfully held a road show at the current most active metro continuous wall construction site in Chennai, India, to share its innovations and experiences in continuous wall construction that attract attention from around the world.

Chennai, India, is currently working on a huge subway system construction project, including a total length of 116.1 km and 119 subway stations, including the people line, orange line, and red line.

This project is being realized through the cooperation of various construction companies such as LARSEN & TOURBRO and TATA, the largest construction companies in India, and ITDCENTATION INDIA Limited.

Wonkang received attention from the parts and consumables of the project's underground continuous wall equipment, held various consultations with the companies, strengthened cooperation with local construction companies, and successfully held a road show.

In this road show, in particular, the positive evaluation of Wonkang's outstanding capabilities and response shown by Egypt's Ain Shokna Port Authority has recently become a big topic among participants.

Wonkang is highly regarded for its expertise and stable technology through active field visits and communication with field engineers through SNS.

Wonkang is implementing a localization strategy differently from the existing approach for success in the Indian market.

Through local workshops and various events, we plan to continuously strengthen exchanges with local personnel and provide the best quality to customers through service improvement.

Through this, Wonkang is expected to solidify its leading position in the Indian subterranean continuous wall construction market and achieve continuous growth.

Won Steel mainly produces parts for BC32, BC35, and BC40 equipment, and supplies various products such as BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearboxes, mud pumps, and cutting wheels.

It is playing a key role in the global basic construction equipment part field through cooperation with its sister company Wonkang Tungsten and Yujin Construction Machinery.

Until now, Wonkang's products have been certified as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and CE, and recently, it has been selected as a demand company for the Korea Institute of Construction Technology to develop a picker for a bedrock load header that can crush rocks of more than 100 mpa. Source: Kukdong Ilbo ( )


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