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WonKang Awarded Top Prize for $2 Million in Exports... "Recognized for Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Products"

Awarded the "2023 60th Trade Day" ceremony

At the 2023 Busan Trade Day commemorative ceremony, Won Kang was awarded the 'Top Exporter of $2 Million.' In the photo, from left to right: Chairman Kang Nak-joon, President Kang Tae-young. Photo by Won Kang.

WonKang announced on the 15th that he received the 'Top Exporter of $2 Million' award at the 2023 Busan Trade Day ceremony, attributing it to his consistent efforts and technical prowess.

This accolade highlights WonKang's outstanding performance and exceptional products in the international market. It signifies the international acclaim received for the products produced through WonKang's continuous research and development efforts. Notably, the high quality of various components, including BC Cutter Teeth, serves as a testament to WonKang's technological expertise and reliability.

This award is expected to be a catalyst for further growth for WonKang in the international market. Going forward, the company plans to strengthen its competitiveness in the international market based on technical prowess and reliability. It will continue to strive to provide higher value to customers.

Established by Chairman Kang Nak-joon in 1973, WonKang Corporation began exporting globally in 2021 by producing products with global specifications and quality to compete with global companies. To facilitate this, Kang Tae-young was appointed as the representative, bringing years of experience in overseas sales and marketing.

Over the years, WonKang has played a crucial role in the global foundation construction equipment parts sector, supplying a variety of products worldwide. Mainly providing parts for BC32, BC35, BC40 equipment, as well as BC Cutter Teeth, BCF9, BCF10 gearboxes, mud pumps, cutting wheels, and more, WonKang collaborates with sister companies, WonKang Tungsten and YUJIN Construction Machinery to deliver excellent services to customers.

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