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How to choose the Diaphragm wall cutter or Chisel?

To achieve optimum performance when excavating diaphragm walls using trench cutters, the choice of cutting teeth is of fundamental importance.

Okay, you have two choice.

The type of tooth or chisel that performs best is governed by soil conditions at the site. There is a range of different types of cutting teeth and round shank chisels available to suit local conditions.

When soil conditions change over the depth of the diaphragm wall, a mix of different cutting teeth or round shank chisels can be fitted to the corresponding wheel.

BC Tooth Cutter Wheel

Round shank chisels are suitable for excavation of sand, cobbles, weathered rock and hard rock but not suitable for clay. Because of the smaller diameter of the tungsten carbide insert the tooth has a higher penetrating power.

Round Shank Chisel Wheel

Therefore, depend on your soil condition, you can choose your diaphragm wall equipment’s wheel type.

However, it’s not enough to make your decision. You have to consider the grade/type of Tungsten carbide on your tool.

Tungsten carbide Tip for foundation drilling / Diaphragm wall tool

This latest carbide grades is manufactured using an innovative process technique with completely new raw materials. The creation of this carbide, with a significantly stronger carbide matrix and a perfect grain size configuration, has contributed to the superior toughness and high-temperature wear resistance experienced in operations and tests. All grades are now available in Wonkang Tungsten tools.

< Tungsten Carbide Tip Grade Table for Diaphragm wall / Foundation drilling tool >

BC Tooth Tips provide excellent penetration for diaphragm wall. These tips are best suited for use in soft to hard materials or conditions with Trench cutter.

BC Cutter Tip

The Cap carbide tips provide excellent penetration. These tips are best suited for use in soft to medium-hard materials or conditions.

Cap carbide Tip

Insert carbide tips are best suited for penetration applications. These tips are ideal for use in hard, high impact conditions.

Insert Carbide Tip

There are no fixed rules. Depend on your budget, soil condition, equipment, your professional engineers will decide best option.

Normally, Diaphragm wall construction is very very expensive method. That’s true, But, When you meet Wonkang Tungsten (, your cost matter is easily solved.

Wonkang Tungsten provide best efficient tools for diaphragm wall / Foundation drilling construction.

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