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DTSS (Sewerage System) Phase 2 - Diaphragmwall (slurrywall) Cutter Teeth Case Study (Singapore)

In DTSS Phase 2, the existing tunnel system will be extended to serve the western part of Singapore. The deep tunnels will convey used​ water by gravity to Tuas WRP for treatment.

Source : PUB DTSS (

Our customer's mission was to install the Diaphragm walls (slurry walls) on T-09 site for TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines).

Log of Boring (Penjuru RD)

Washed Borehole from 3.0 m - 21.50 m where encountering with rock.

CR1 - Weak to moderately strong, Light grey to grey. Fine to coarse grained SANDSTONE thinly interbedded with SILTSTONE.

CR2 - Strong, Grey, Fined grained Sandstone, Medium spaced to widely spaced fractures, clean, partly open aperture, smooth undulating surface fractures. Moderately weathered.

CR3 - Strong to moderately weak, Dark grey, Arenaceous SILTSTONE. Very Closely to closely spaced fractures, smooth undulating surfaces.

CR4 ~ CR7 - Strong, Grey, Fine to medium grained SANDSTONE. Closely to medium spaced fractures, rough and smooth undulating and smooth planar surfaces, open aperture, calcite infilling. Moderately weathered.

The customer wanted to complete this work using SB-38JMK, and we developed and supplied tungsten carbide suitable for this site.

Diaphragm walls (slurry walls) work has been completed very successfully.

We provide various tungsten carbide cutter teeth according to the site condition.

If you have any difficulties in selecting a cutting tee, please contact us.


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