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Diaphragm walls (Slurry walls) Cutter teeth Case study (PDD in Singapore)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Project name : Punggol Digital District

Singapore's most highly anticipated smart district ( )

Location : Northeast, Singapore

Punggol Digital District Location

Type : Business Park / Residences / Market Village / Heritage Trail / Campus and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Punggol Digital District

Site Area : 50 hectares

Foundation engineering methods : Diaphragm walls

Choose Diaphragm walls Equipment type : BC-40

Log of Boring

Our goal is Depth 38m !!

Log of boring

1. Bed rock is Granodiorite

2. CR9 (UCS = 43.86 MPa)

3. CR12 (PLT = 3.6, UCS=23.48 ~ 28.24 MPa)

4. CR13 (PLT = 4.56, UCS=34.16 ~ 80.19 Mpa)

5. CR14 (UCS = 55.76 ~ 94.05 Mpa)

Choose Trench Cutter type for Successful work

Usually there are two(2) option. RSC type or SB type. Our choice is SB type.

RSC trench cutting wheel
SB Trench cutting wheel

Our choice is that Standard Trench Cutting wheel.

Standard Cutting Wheel

1. For existing products, if the UCS value exceeds 50 Mpa, the cutter teeth is easily worn or brittle.

2. We supply various grades of cutter teeth according to the characteristics of the geological so that even if the UCS value is 70~80 Mpa, our cutter teeth is not easily broken or worn easily.

3. Better cutting efficiency than RSC. Various disadvantages that arise when using RSC can be avoided.

Conclusion : Diaphragm walls has been installed successfully (2020)

Advanced SB-38 JMK

SB-38 JM / JMK

Compare with existing SB-38 JM product line, the cutter teeth show extraordinary performance. If you use our SB-38 JMK products, you don't have to use RSC anymore (under UCS value 80 Mpa, needs to consult with our sales team for site geological condition).

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