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Best Choice of BC Cutter for Diaphragm wall Trench cutter

There are many kinds of BC cutter (Bauer cutter or BC Teeth / Tooth). You can see what is best choice for your construction site. It depends on your diaphragm wall equipment or soil condition.

Standard cutting Wheel

If your diaphragm wall cutting wheel is standard model, you have to see various kinds of bc cutters (bc tooth). Or not, I will give another option for you. visit to

Standard Cutter Teeth / Tooth for Diaphragm Wall

BC Tooth WK 38 JM and WK 42 JR/ JL This cutting tooth is suitable for excavating clay, cobbles (diameter greater than 50 mm), sand, weathered rock and hard rock. The tungsten carbide of the JM type tooth is designed to maximize the cutting performance and therefore more efficient than other type in crushing boulders. The JR and JL Type are mounted at the outer edges of the cutting wheels to ensure the necessary over-cut. The tungsten carbide is hard and tough.

BC Tooth WK 46 JR/ JL Clamping Sleeve Long version compare than WK 42-JR/JL

BC Tooth WK 38 JMK The tungsten carbide tip is installed horizontally with the BC Tooth surface

BC Tooth WK 38 ZM These cutting teeth are suitable for excavating homogenous and sandy soil as well as clay, cobbles (max. diameter 50 mm), sandstone, weathered rock and hard rock.

Each Teeth has their own characters to support your diaphragm wall construction site, Wonkang Tungsten ( could provide many options of BC teeth / tooth model to you. You can contact any time. < >

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