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Wonkang to participate in large-scale infrastructure projects in Egypt

Wonkang Co., Ltd., a South Korean construction equipment parts manufacturer, said it will participate in Egypt's large-scale infrastructure project through large-scale delivery to Hassan Allam Construction in Egypt.

Hassan Allam Construction, a subsidiary of Egypt's largest Hassan Allam Holding, is recognized as an important construction company in Egypt, and the deal is expected to further strengthen Wonkang's international position.

The infrastructure project promoted by Hassan Allam Construction is expected to contribute greatly to Egypt's economic development, and through this, the export performance of Wonkang is expected to have a further derivative effect. Wonkang will continue to grow by producing high-quality products and entering overseas markets.

Wonkang has been producing consumables such as Cutter Teeth and Cutting Wheel, which are construction equipment parts, for more than 40 years, and has established itself as a representative company in the domestic construction machinery industry.

Along with Eugene Construction Equipment Machinery (CEO Lee Young-jong), Wonkang currently exports Gearbox BCF9, BCF9, BCF10, and Mudpump to 15 countries around the world, and is highly regarded in overseas markets.

Recently, in order to improve the competitiveness of overseas markets, President Heo Yeop, who served as the head of LT Sambo's overseas sales division, has been recruiting and making efforts. Based on his experience in overseas markets, Huh will be in charge of establishing Wonkang's global business strategy and expanding overseas exports.

Meanwhile, WONKANG ROADBIT is actively expanding its market by communicating with customers and industries by participating in the Wonkang Tungsten, Eugene Election Development Industry and the world's large exposition. Wonkang's exports increased 400% in 2022 compared to 2021, and is actively exploring overseas markets with the goal of 150% growth this year.

Source: Kukguk Ilbo (


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