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WonKang signed a business agreement with Eugene Electronics Development Industry

Cooperation to improve export competitiveness

WonKang (CEO Kang Tae-young), a company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment, said it has signed an agreement with Eugene Electronics Development Industry, a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for construction and mining, to maximize export synergy.

This agreement is a concerted effort by professional companies to improve export competitiveness.

It plans to deliver accurate information to customers through the 3D implementation of the product, and video the assembly of equipment with high difficulty and deliver it through YouTube and SNS.

The two companies plan to maintain excellent quality by building the latest facilities, provide appropriate support for products, and solve difficulties while using overseas customers through SNS immediately.

It consults not only technical parts of equipment parts, but also various situations occurring in civil engineering sites.

Through SNS channels, efforts will be made to steadily increase export performance through customized support for each overseas customer.

Kang Tae-young, CEO of WonKang, said, "We are participating in the world's large fair to introduce new technologies to the global market, communicating with customers and industries, and actively expanding overseas markets with a 400% increase this year compared to last year."


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