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WONKANG ROADBIT exports its own patented product 'WK46-PR (Clayteeth)' to Israel

Exported in partnership with ARIEL GABAY, Israel's top civil engineering construction company


Founded in the early 1970s by founder Kang Nak-joon, WONKANG ROADBIT (CEO Jeong Ho-nam), a manufacturer specializing in materials, parts, and equipment that grew into a manufacturer of parts and equipment for construction equipment in the 1980s, said it will export its patented WK46-PR to Israel's top civil engineering construction company ARIELBAY.

WK46-PR (Clayteeth) provides 1.5 times more efficient excavation rate when working on underground continuous walls through BC cutter equipment (BC32/BC35/BC40) than before when working on mud clay layers in the Middle East, not on domestic hard terrain.

Due to the extension of the life of the cutterteeth through this, it is in the spotlight from civil engineering construction companies in various countries as it is possible to operate manpower at the work site more efficiently than before by reducing the waiting time of equipment. In particular, Israeli client ARIEL GABAY has been steadily exporting since 2020, when it applied for a patent, drawing keen attention from the initial development stage.

WONKANG ROADBIT, located in Saha-gu, Busan, is a manufacturing company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment since its foundation in 1973, and is a local local company that has been striving to develop the local economy and promote the manufacturing sector for half a century.

Starting with participation in civil engineering work at Yeouido Securities Complex in 1989, WONKANG ROADBIT first produced and delivered BC Teeth and Holder, the main components of BC Cutter, which are underground continuous wall equipment, to localize expensive foreign construction equipment and parts, laying the foundation for creating a low-priced and high-quality domestic construction parts ecosystem.

In addition, overseas exports began in the 1990s through cooperation with domestic LT Sambo (formerly Sambo E&C), and in 2019, despite the global recession due to COVID-19, the company strengthened its organization and manpower to expand its overseas export channels. As a result, starting with Singapore in 2019, it has continued to expand export countries such as Israel, Oman, and Egypt to date in 2022, more than doubling its export performance every year. In particular, exports of more than $3 million are expected this year, setting a good example for the increasingly difficult domestic parts manufacturing industry and international operations.

A WONKANG ROADBIT official said, "Despite the difficulties of small and medium-sized manufacturing environments, WONKANG ROADBIT is managing product quality first, introducing ISO9001 (2015), the world's most widely used quality management system, and preparing for export to Europe through CE certification."

In particular, WONKANG ROADBIT participates in various national support projects through transparent management and contributions to the community, and is constantly striving to maintain the global competitiveness of the Korean small department industry through cooperation with various companies such as Eugene Erection Development Industrial Co., Ltd. and BETEK Co., Ltd.

Source: Yang Yoon-mo, a reporter for the Korea Trade Newspaper


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