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Wonkang conducts volunteer work for the vulnerable.

The bread sharing center of the Western Volunteer Center of the Korean Red Cross will make bread with hope of love.

[Kukto Ilbo reporter Lee Kyung-ok] Wonkang (CEO Kang Tae-young), a company specializing in materials, parts, and equipment, recently conducted a bread-making of hope of love at the bread sharing center on the third floor of the Western Volunteer Center of the Korean Red Cross.

Making Hope Bread of Love was held at the Seobu Volunteer Center of the Seoul branch of the Korean Red Cross, and executives and employees of Wongang participated. The bread was delivered to households affiliated with the Korean Red Cross.

"This volunteer work is designed to support the vulnerable, including underfed children, who are suffering the most from persistent inflation," said Kang Tae-young, CEO of Wonkang. "We will continue various social contribution activities for the local underprivileged to spread the culture of sharing and service to the local community."

Meanwhile, WONKANG ROADBIT is actively expanding its market by communicating with customers and industries by participating in the Wonkang Cho Kyung, Eugene Election Development Industry and the world's large exposition. Wonkang's exports increased 400% in 2022 compared to 2021, and is actively exploring overseas markets with the goal of 150% growth this year.

Following Bauma in Germany, one of the world's top three construction machinery fairs, Wonkang will exhibit at CONEXPO in the United States, and will showcase Gearbox, Mudpump, and Cutterteeth. It is discussing exports with various companies such as Russia, the United States, Australia, Canada, Greece, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.


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